Billing & Audit Support

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To fully serve our clients we offer short term and long term support.

We pride ourselves on quality and accuracy.

These services are primarily reimbursement oriented. There are a variety of options, including:

  • High level end-to-end revenue cycle audit.  This review takes a small sample of services provided.  Each service is followed from appointment to final disposition to identify any potential revenue cycle concerns.
  • Medicare and other payors are auditing provider services with increasing frequency.  Responses to these audit activities should always be carefully reviewed to ensure enough, but not too much, documentation is submitted.  We support physicians in minimizing the negative impact of such audits at every step of the process.  Note there may be times when referral to legal representation is recommended.
  • Targeted internal audits.  There are many reasons to perform a targeted (preventative) audit, including but not limited to concerns over individual internal or billing company staff; specific procedure code audits; reimbursement practices for a specific payor; any other area of specific concern.
  • Establish and implement Corrective Action Plans (CAP)



barWhat Our Clients Say

“Working with Habanero was a pleasant and very informative experience. The report provided were very detailed and easy to follow. I liked that not only the audit gave us the issues but also solutions to the issues.”