Coding Training & Support






We work closely with both on-shore and global organizations to train coding staff, perform operational analyses, and fine tune internal training protocols.

  • Chart review.  This service takes charts for a variety of services and reviews them from a wide perspective, including documentation improvement suggestions, compliance recommendations, identification of potential areas of concern, payor specific considerations, bundling, etc.  It includes a written report, and customized provider education sessions, where appropriate.
  • Customized training of staff and education of providers
  • Develop and organize library of coding reference materials
  • Coach staff on effective communication strategies (particularly important with on-shore/off-shore arrangements)
  • Value-based staff development can help your staff reach that next level to deliver enhanced value to clients (this service is provided to medical practice support partners such as billing companies)

Services can be provided directly or as train-the-trainer, and face-to-face or remotely

logo colorWhat Our Clients Say

“We cannot express how helpful, professional and knowledgeable Habanero Inc. has been to our staff in training and support. They handled coding training for all of our coders, including the subtleties and nuances that can get lost in the translation when working globally.”