Reimbursement Consulting

We maximize provider reimbursement while maintaining the letter, spirit & intent of compliance rules.


Ensuring maximum reimbursement available for each patient visit is more than just submitting clean claims.  Our periodic review of your revenue cycle will:

  • Increase your cash flow and identify hidden revenue opportunities
  • Reimbursement analysis of potential payors to participate with (based on preferred procedures performed by physician)
  • Reimbursement maximization services to ensure all available revenue has been received for services provided, including denied and underpaid claims
  • Evaluate in/out of network participation
  • Identify streamlined payor processes (many of them want to trim expenses too!)


What Our Clients Say

Time and time again, Habanero Inc. has saved our practice money in reimbursements. Hiring an expert in this field has proved financially beneficial in identifying revenue we were overlooking. The professionalism and knowledge of your company cannot be overstated.