Take a Look Under the Hood

So, you’re a medical practitioner and you want to ‘take a look under the hood’ to see how things are going.  Identify areas where you may be able to tweak your existing practice, work flow, job responsibilities, etc. to be able to smooth out your operation, maximize your revenue, increase your margin (profit), decrease turnover, […]


Ensure Billing/Reimbursement is Maximized & Compliant

All providers in all specialties want to maximize their revenue, while maintaining compliant practices.  There are constant state by state, payor by payor, evolutionary changes in most areas of medical practice.  One of the challenges is to be able to keep up with these changes at all levels of the organization.You may have a collection […]

Ebola was MORE than a Healthcare Crisis!

How important are solid policies and procedures, including clinical best practices? This is something that became very popular in the news with the identification of three cases of Ebola here in the US. But it’s also something that I’ve encountered personally over the summer as my mother had her knees replaced, my brother experienced a […]

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Types of Chart Reviews

So you’ve decided to implement an internal audit program for your practice.  Excellent!  There are so many external parties who can scrutinize your internal documentation, so it is a really good idea to see your practice from their perspective.  An internal audit/review is an outstanding and comprehensive tool. The first decision is to determine what […]

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What’s the Difference Between an Audit and a Review?

So you’ve selected which type of internal audit/review you’re going to conduct for your practice.  Now you need to determine if you’re going to do an audit or a review.  What is the difference you may ask? Audit An audit is conducted after claims have been submitted to a payor.  The advantages are that a […]

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The RAC Attack

Many medical practices are feeling the impact of the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) process, especially as non-Medicare payors have gotten on the band wagon.  It is difficult enough to submit claims and receive payment for all the services you provide, but now they want to take back payments – sometimes years later! What can […]

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Private Practice #1 Target for HIPAA Compliance

Yikes!  Want to know why all this HIPAA stuff is so important for medical practices?  Look at who is Number One on the hit list – private practices. Are YOU in compliance???  Here’s what HHS says:  “Since the compliance date in April 2003, HHS has received over 90,001 HIPAA complaints. We have resolved 94% of […]

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