Every Hospital and Provider Needs to Understand the Mais Decision

Last month, on November 7, 2014, the WUSB 90.1 radio show, The Business of Healthcare with host Susan Montana, featured guest Laura J. Lowenstein, Esq. The interview and discussion was based on Laura’s article posted on her website with the title “Every Hospital and Provider Needs to Understand the Mais Decision” LISTEN to the Radio […]

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Healthcare and the Internet

Patients and providers alike should be utilizing the internet in their pursuit of healthcare.  The first point of connection – the patient and the provider meeting – might be the most important for both parties. If you are a patient, and you need to connect with a provider for a particular condition, how do you […]

Substance Abuse Impacts Families – Broadcast Date 1/27/12

My guest this morning, “John”, wanted to share his family’s struggle to secure help for his son, once his son admitted he had a problem and was ready for help.  The biggest challenge they faced was availability.  All programs are above capacity, most are not affordable, and almost all are governed by profits, or at […]

Why patients AND providers should care about insurance appeals

My guest in August 2011 was Thomas Force, Esq. of the Patriot Group.  Habanero Tom Force Interview August 2011We discussed the importance of appealing medical claims from both the patient and the provider perspective.  It runs 36 minutes.