Ensure Billing/Reimbursement is Maximized & Compliant

All providers in all specialties want to maximize their revenue, while maintaining compliant practices.  There are constant state by state, payor by payor, evolutionary changes in most areas of medical practice.  One of the challenges is to be able to keep up with these changes at all levels of the organization.You may have a collection […]

Ebola was MORE than a Healthcare Crisis!

How important are solid policies and procedures, including clinical best practices? This is something that became very popular in the news with the identification of three cases of Ebola here in the US. But it’s also something that I’ve encountered personally over the summer as my mother had her knees replaced, my brother experienced a […]

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Types of Chart Reviews

So you’ve decided to implement an internal audit program for your practice.  Excellent!  There are so many external parties who can scrutinize your internal documentation, so it is a really good idea to see your practice from their perspective.  An internal audit/review is an outstanding and comprehensive tool. The first decision is to determine what […]

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Healthcare and the Internet

Patients and providers alike should be utilizing the internet in their pursuit of healthcare.  The first point of connection – the patient and the provider meeting – might be the most important for both parties. If you are a patient, and you need to connect with a provider for a particular condition, how do you […]

Case Study – Documentation & Training of Proprietary Systems & Processes

Case Study – Documentation & Training of Proprietary Systems & Processes A midsized consulting company created a proprietary product that had been around for several years.  There was a lot of “clutter”: · staff members with slightly different unwritten processes and protocols · documentation was dated and contained obsolete/incomplete: o forms o instructions o processing […]