HIPAA Privacy & Security Audits Have Begun!

Has the Affordable Care Act impacted your business yet? If you’re a medical practice or if you have medical practice clients, HIPAA Privacy documents need to be updated. The OCR (Office for Civil Rights) is responsible for making sure medical practices have implemented the new privacy and security requirements and they’ve begun auditing to see […]

Types of Chart Reviews

So you’ve decided to implement an internal audit program for your practice.  Excellent!  There are so many external parties who can scrutinize your internal documentation, so it is a really good idea to see your practice from their perspective.  An internal audit/review is an outstanding and comprehensive tool. The first decision is to determine what […]

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Be Your Own Medical Record

  It started as a professional curiosity, but now it has become a habit, and I recommend it to everyone.  Maintain your own medical record. I’ve found this helps me better understand what is going on with my own health, and it also makes it easier to communicate amongst the various healthcare practitioners you may […]

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Private Practice #1 Target for HIPAA Compliance

Yikes!  Want to know why all this HIPAA stuff is so important for medical practices?  Look at who is Number One on the hit list – private practices. Are YOU in compliance???  Here’s what HHS says:  “Since the compliance date in April 2003, HHS has received over 90,001 HIPAA complaints. We have resolved 94% of […]

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