Take a Look Under the Hood

So, you’re a medical practitioner and you want to ‘take a look under the hood’ to see how things are going.  Identify areas where you may be able to tweak your existing practice, work flow, job responsibilities, etc. to be able to smooth out your operation, maximize your revenue, increase your margin (profit), decrease turnover, […]


Ensure Billing/Reimbursement is Maximized & Compliant

All providers in all specialties want to maximize their revenue, while maintaining compliant practices.  There are constant state by state, payor by payor, evolutionary changes in most areas of medical practice.  One of the challenges is to be able to keep up with these changes at all levels of the organization.You may have a collection […]

The RAC Attack

Many medical practices are feeling the impact of the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) process, especially as non-Medicare payors have gotten on the band wagon.  It is difficult enough to submit claims and receive payment for all the services you provide, but now they want to take back payments – sometimes years later! What can […]

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OMNI 3750 terminals to be deactivated on March 31, 2013

SSI Adds “Swipe Card Technology” to PC-MVS Product Line  Synchronized Systems, a software development company based in Patchogue, New York has announced it has added “Swipe Card Technology” to its existing PC-MVS Medicaid Verification System product line. At press time, one of the staff members at Synchronized spoke to us about what the “Swipe Card […]

Top Ten Signs of a ‘Buttoned Up’ Medical Practice

Is your medical practice ‘buttoned up’ ? I work with medical practices all the time, and they don’t always seem to have all their bases covered.  This means they are spending their days fighting fires, while they provide patient care, but they are not able to spend their time proactively thinking about how to make […]

Healthcare and the Internet

Patients and providers alike should be utilizing the internet in their pursuit of healthcare.  The first point of connection – the patient and the provider meeting – might be the most important for both parties. If you are a patient, and you need to connect with a provider for a particular condition, how do you […]

Telehealth – Great Concept, But Can You Get Paid?

I’ve always got interesting stuff coming across my desk.  This week it’s Telehealth Services.  The idea is not new, but insurance plans potentially paying for the service is. The concept of Telemedicine is that the health care system could save considerable money, and patients could experience a heightened level of support for particularly delicate conditions, […]

Why patients AND providers should care about insurance appeals

My guest in August 2011 was Thomas Force, Esq. of the Patriot Group.  Habanero Tom Force Interview August 2011We discussed the importance of appealing medical claims from both the patient and the provider perspective.  It runs 36 minutes.