Every Hospital and Provider Needs to Understand the Mais Decision

Last month, on November 7, 2014, the WUSB 90.1 radio show, The Business of Healthcare with host Susan Montana, featured guest Laura J. Lowenstein, Esq. The interview and discussion was based on Laura’s article posted on her website with the title “Every Hospital and Provider Needs to Understand the Mais Decision” LISTEN to the Radio […]

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What’s the Difference Between an Audit and a Review?

So you’ve selected which type of internal audit/review you’re going to conduct for your practice.  Now you need to determine if you’re going to do an audit or a review.  What is the difference you may ask? Audit An audit is conducted after claims have been submitted to a payor.  The advantages are that a […]

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Be Your Own Medical Record

  It started as a professional curiosity, but now it has become a habit, and I recommend it to everyone.  Maintain your own medical record. I’ve found this helps me better understand what is going on with my own health, and it also makes it easier to communicate amongst the various healthcare practitioners you may […]

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The RAC Attack

Many medical practices are feeling the impact of the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) process, especially as non-Medicare payors have gotten on the band wagon.  It is difficult enough to submit claims and receive payment for all the services you provide, but now they want to take back payments – sometimes years later! What can […]

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