OMNI 3750 terminals to be deactivated on March 31, 2013

SSI Adds “Swipe Card Technology” to PC-MVS Product Line

 Synchronized Systems, a software development company based in Patchogue, New York has announced it has added “Swipe Card Technology” to its existing PC-MVS Medicaid Verification System product line. At press time, one of the staff members at Synchronized spoke to us about what the “Swipe Card Technology” will offer existing customers that license the product. “Our customers already use the product to batch enter, or batch import, Eligibility data and can get results in Real-Time. They have been waiting for this add-on technology, so that they can move the PC-MVS product line onto computers located at the front desk of clinics and day treatment centers across the city” stated Peter Rabolt, a senior developer for the company. Peter goes on to say “The swiping capability marries with the current PC-MVS software, providing a virtual, as well as cost effective replacement of the current EMEVS terminals (OMNI 3750 terminals to be deactivated on March 31, 2013)”

 Synchronized can back up its knowledge and experience in this area with a powerbase of over 700 licenses sold to Medicaid Providers across NY State.  The new PC-MVS Scan Option allows customers to slide a NY State client benefit card through the SSI approved Slide Card Reader. After decoding the information on the card, the system adds all the necessary information to the database, and performs a Real-Time eligibility check and printout with no other input from the user. “Other useful options could be to scan and save all pertinent information to the database, then at a later time, send the entire batch for real-time results. This is a flexible batching feature that is unique to the PC-MVS product line, and a capability that the EMEVS box sorely lacks”, said Neil Petillo, another company representative.

 Using software that never physically “breaks down” could change the way many hospitals, clinics, and medical centers perform these vital billing related functions. It will be interesting to see what impact this technology has on the current base of EMEVS terminals that exist out in the field. 2 large medical providers have already signed on to beta test the new technology from SSI, which will eventually replace a total of  35 EMEVS boxes with this flexible software solution.

For more information on this product or any other EDI related problem or project, contact Peter Rabolt (“The EDI Guy”) at Synchronized Systems

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